Works mainly in Tokyo.

In this age of visual information overload, daily memories are being overwritten with speed, whether consciously or unconsciously.
From the fragments of those memories
I have created works by layering colors.
Every day, I work on layering colors.
As I continue to communicate with the painting morning and evening, it feels like a round-trip letter between myself and the artist.
A new one that I myself had not anticipated.
And yet, somehow, a screen appears that makes me feel nostalgic.
Through works that seem to mirror our daily lives, we can feel something real, even if we cannot see it.
I hope that the people who see my works will also evoke some memories and sensations.
If works of art created in this way come into existence
I think the world will become a little more tolerant.

1969 Born in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

1992 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting

1994 Completed the Oil Painting Course, Graduate School of Art and Design,

           Musashino ArtUniversity  


Solo Exhibitions

1999  "Exhibition by Teruo Fujieda" Gallery αM, Tokyo                

          "Saison Art Program ART-ING TOKYO

1999" Gallery Hinoki, Tokyo

2008 Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo

2010 Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo

2013 Sakuragi Fine Arts, Tokyo

2013 Sakuragi Fine Arts, Tokyo

2014 Galerie Kawakami, Tokyo

2015 Art+Craft Gallery Sanshitsu, Tokyo

2015 Art+Craft Gallery Sanshitsu, Tokyo

2016 Galerie Kawakami , Tokyo

2018 Art+Craft Gallery Sanshitsu, Tokyo

2019 Sakuragi Fine Arts, Tokyo

2020 Gallery Natsuka / Cross View Arts, Tokyo

2021 Gallery Natsuka / Cross View Arts, Tokyo

2022 Sakuragi Fine Arts, Tokyo  


Group Exhibitions

1991 "Three Artists Exhibition" Shinsuke Tsutsui, Tomoko Iwasaki, Kana Sakai,

           Musashino Art University, Tokyo

199  "Two Artists Exhibition" Kyoko Okuda / Kana Sakai, Nerima Art Museum Gallery, Tokyo

1999  "Saison Art Program ART-ING TOKYO

1999 21×21" Saison Art Program Gallery, Tokyo

2001  "Yasuo Kobayashi's Exhibition of the Collection of The Saison Museum of Contemporary Art"      

   -Politics of the Brushstroke "What is the Character of Painting?       

   The Saison Museum of Contemporary Art, Karuizawa    

   "Zero Exhibition" Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo

2007  "WONDER SEEDS" Exhibition Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo

   "From Apple to.. Exhibition"  Hiroshige Gallery, Tokyo

2009 "Adventurers on the Surface: Atsushi Tanigawa's Project Vol.3" Gallery Ishida, Tokyo

2010 "Biennial Ushiku 2010" Ushiku City Central Lifelong Learning Center, Ibaraki

2012  "18×14cm Paintings" Sukiwa, Tokyo        

   "The World of 18×14cm" at Yokohama Takashimaya Department Store, Kanagawa         

   "View's view" Yuka Kimura/Kana Sakai Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo      

2013 "Ryo" Galerie Kawakami, Tokyo

2014 "The View from There" Yoko Haga / Kana Sakai Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo

2015 "New Year" Galerie Kawakami, Tokyo 

2016 "cin cin !" by 18 Western-style painting artists Sukiyowa, Tokyo

2017 "Three Artists Exhibition" Kumiko Ito, Kana Sakai, Yoko Chimura" - Kokuchi no uyokoso -

    Galerie Kawakami, Tokyo

2019 "The2nd Makurazaki International Art Award Exhibition"  

    Makurazaki City Cultural Resource Center, Kagoshima

2021 "Gallery 10th Anniversary Exhibition" Galerie Kawakami, Tokyo     



1994 Awarded Moritani Scholarship Fund

1997 Joyo Painting Newcomer Award, Honorable Mention 

2010 The 24th Holbein Scholarship

2019 The 2nd Makurazaki International Art Award Exhibition, Sponsor Prize  


Public Collection

Sawai Pharmaceutical Co.

Kyodo Kai Tech Co.

Oriental Hotel Kobe

Kichijoji Medi-corp Bldg 8